Apple tips: which Mac do I have?

Are you looking for a guide What Mac do I have ?. Not sure if you need it for your task? Do not worry. In this article, we are going to teach you a guide which Mac do I have? and explain the benefits.

There are many explanatis why you will probably want to determine which Mac you will have. Maybe you need to promote a used Mac and want to know what it is. When promoting your Mac, you should also be able to let the customer know exactly what they are getting.

Maybe you are the e buying a used Mac and want to check it out in case you are not about to buy a vintage mannequin who is unable to perform your daily tasks.

You can marvel when you want to replace your working system and want to allow the latest model of macOS not to break your computer. Now that Catalina is coming to Mac, chances are you are wdering if your Mac could work – we now have an inventory here of Macs that are suitable for Catalina – but when you d’t know which Mac you will have , you’re not wiser.

In this article, we show you how to find out the quantity and age of a Mac’s dummy, as well as how you recognize your Mac’s processor and how you can check the amount of RAM in your Mac.

The type of Mac Apple makes

Apple currently makes six varieties of Macs (although we declare that the iMac and the iMac Pro are a single Mac class).

Within each of these classes, there could be wide variatis in the measurement of the display screen and the processor power.

There are two varieties of Mac laptops:

There was also a MacGuide before July 2019, but Apple stopped this Mac model.

And there are 4 varieties of Mac desktops:

  • Mac mini
  • iMac
  • iMac Pro
  • Professial Mac

As we said above, we would classify the iMac Pro and this iMac in the same class, but Apple prefers to separate them, perhaps to persuade inventive professials that the iMac Pro is better for them.

There are many essential variatis between these Mac modes. our Mac Buying Guide here for more information the completely different Macs that Apple makes.

How to recognize which Mac you will have: Simple technique

There is a simple way to establish precisely which Mac or MacGuide you will have

  1. Click the Apple ic in the upper left corner of your Mac.
  2. This will open a drop down menu. Choose the highest choice: About this Mac.
  3. The next window shows what type of Mac it is, for example iMac (27 inch, finish 2013)

However, when you have no entry the Mac in the query and you have no entry the Apple menu or when you cannot enter the menu because the Mac does not activate, you should be able to decide which Mac dummy it is when you follow the steps below.

How do you recognize the Mac you will have: MacBooks

Screen: If you’re using the Mac laptop, you’ll notice the mannequin’s title the black bar below the display screen. It’s until you d’t have a MacGuide Pro between 2012 and 2016 – Apple eliminated the title from the ring for a number of years, but the title came back later. Another way to distinguish is the high-quality display – the older MacGuide Airs prior to 2018 and some older modes of the MacGuide Pro do not have Retina displays. Retina displays have more pixels for a better image.

Size weight: The MacGuide is currently Apple’s smallest and lightest Mac (although the 11-inch MacGuide Air was even lighter before now – but Apple is no lger selling it now). The current MacGuide Pro is ly slightly thicker than the MacGuide and MacGuide Air – but previous generatis have been significantly larger and heavier.



Color: The MacGuide is available in three colors: gold, house gray and silver (although there was also a pink gold model before). The pre-2018 MacGuide Air was ly available in silver, while the new design of the MacGuide Air (which is thinner) is available in gold, house gray and silver. The MacGuide Pro is equipped with space gray or silver.

ports: The MacGuide has ly e port – a USB-C port that you simply use to charge and cnect devices. MacGuide Air 2018 has two USB-C / Thunderbolt Three ports (the port is the same). MacGuide Air mode prior to 2018 had a MagSafe port, two USB three ports, a headphe jack, an SDXC and Thunderbolt 2 card slot. The MacGuide Pro has two or 4 USB-C / Thunderbolt Three ports (depending whether it s or not 13 inches) or 15 inches) dummy) and a headphe jack. Since 2016, some 13-inch and 15-inch MacGuide Pro modes have a Touch Bar strip above the keyboard.

How do you recognize the Mac you will have: Mac desktops

iMac 2019

iMac 2019

Screen: The iMac and iMac Pro are the ly desktop Macs with an integrated display screen. There are currently two display screen sizes – 21.5 inches or 27 inches, but previously the iMac is available in all sizes and shapes. Since 2014/2015, many iMacs purchased have a Retina show, they are superb high quality screens with a decisi up to 5120 × 2880 with help for 1 billi colors. The entry-level 21.5-inch iMacs nevertheless have comm screens.

Size weight: As we mentied above, the iMac is currently available in two completely different sizes – according to the measurement of the display screen, measured diagally: 21.5 inches and 27 inches. As of 2017, there is also an iMac Pro, which also has a 27-inch display screen. If your iMac was manufactured before 2009, it may have a smaller 20-inch or 24-inch display screen, and when you go further back in time, there have been 15-inch and 17-inch iMacs. Before that, there was almost a vintage just like the obsolete CRT show (and if that’s what you are!) As the design of the iMac progressed, the iMac grew to become thinner . Since 2015, the display screen iMac modes is approximately 5 mm thick, so that it is thicker, your iMac is older. The Mac mini is Apple’s most compact Mac, with current modes measuring 20 cm by 20 cm and about 3.5 cm excessive (the older modes were ly slightly larger). If you look at the Mac 2013 era, it’s about 10 inches excessive. Older Mac Pro modes were twice as lg. The new Mac Pro that Apple will present before the start of 2019 will be excessive of 52.9 cm, it will probably be recognizable thanks to the collecti of huge holes in the entrance, holes much larger than the Mac Pro before 2013 , which was unlike a cheese grater.

Color: The iMac is currently made of aluminum and has been since 2007. If your iMac is white (or some other shade of plastic), it is much older. However, if your iMac is space gray, it is an iMac Pro. When Apple launched the Mac mini in 2005, it was white and silver, the design didn’t change significantly until 2010 when it got a full aluminum case, and again in 2011 when it misplaced the optical drive. In 2018, the Mac became a mini professial with a space gray cover. The Mac Pro underwent a design review in 2013 and is about to be redesigned – but this model w’t be launched until fall 2019. If you have a black Mac Pro that looks a bit like a trash can, then you have the Mac Pro 2013. If it is an aluminum field with a cheese grater entry, it is undoubtedly e of the modes with an Intel processor that Apple launched between 2006 and 2012. Or, if those holes at the entrance are a little bigger and look a bit like extraterrestrial faces, then you’ll have the newest Mac Pro. If it has a plastic case, you will have a pre-Intel Mac Pro.

Mac mini

Mac mini

ports: Current editis of the iMac have an assortment of ports, as well as a slot for SDXC, USB 3, Thunderbolt 3 / USB-C and Gigabit Ethernet. The pre-2017 modes have the old Thunderbolt as a substitute for Thunderbolt 3. Before 2018, the Mac mini has two Thunderbolt 2 ports, 4 three USB ports, HDMI, SDXC and Ethernet. Since 2018, the Mac mini has had 4 Thunderbolt 3 / USB-C ports as well as to HDMI, USB Three and Ethernet. Many older Mac mini modes may have an optical disc slot at the entrance. If you do, it should be before 2011.

How to find out your quantity of Mac mannequin

If you recognize the amount of dummy (or dummy ID) and processor speed, you usually have all the data you want to set up for your Mac dummy.

This way you will discover the variety of mannequin your Mac. You can find out by following these instructis:

  1. Click the Apple ic in the upper left corner of your Mac.
  2. This will open a drop down menu. Choose the highest choice: About this Mac.
  3. Click System Report (or Macs with older working methods, click More Informati).
  4. You will see the model ID in the hardware overview.

However, take into account that the model’s ID can be shared by multiple Macs, so you want more information to establish that Mac with cfidence.

How do you find out how outdated a Mac is?

Discovering the age of a Mac is a crucial step in discovering the main points of the parts that Apple used there.

ce you recognize when the Mac in questi was launched (which is not essentially when it was purchased), you will find out what time the processor is in, in additi to various information that can show you how to decide if it’s higher or worse than another Mac.

How to find out the year of a Mac

  1. Click the Apple ic in the upper left corner of your Mac.
  2. This will open a drop down menu. Choose the highest choice: About this Mac.
  3. The next window should present you with the data you want, for example iMac (27 inch, 2013 finish).

This date is the time when this particular era of Mac was launched. The Mac may have been manufactured and purchased after this date, so it w’t be as physically obsolete. For example, you can now buy a brand new MacGuide Air (the entry-level aluminum dummy), but this dummy is actually the same as the dummy that was launched in 2015.

More importantly, as so as you recognize the launch date, you will discover information about the processor and its different parts, as we specify here: How to check the specificatis of your Mac: information the processor and RAM.

Find serial variety from a Mac

There are a number of explanatis why you’ll probably want to find out the amount of serial your Mac. It could be getting help for a technical issue, finding out if the Mac was recalled due to a recognized error, or in the unlucky circumstances that your Mac was stolen.

The locati of your serial quantity is defined by the Mac dummy – and we now have complete information to find your Mac’s serial quantity here.

You can find out your serial quantity when you click Apple menu> About this Mac as above.

I can’t activate my Mac! How can I decide which model it is?

Do not worry, we have also csidered you!

Each Mac, whether or not a laptop or desktop computer, has a manufacturing unit sticker with the amount of dummy and the amount of serial.

Here is an inventory of Macs with the locatis of their identificati stickers:

  • iMac: discovered mainly based the computer. Make sure to turn off your iMac, unplug the wires, then turn it over, ideally a comfortable floor, to reveal the numbers. To see a visible illustrati, go to the Apple website.
  • MacGuide Air: discovered the back of the laptop. The locati of the numbers will differ between the modes after 2012, 2010-2011 and Original-2009; however, the numbers of all MacGuide Airs are listed the back of the laptop. To see a visible illustrati, go to the Apple website.
  • MacGuide Pro: discovered the back of the laptop. The locati of the numbers will differ between the modes after 2012 and 2009-2011. For MacGuide Pros before 2008, as well as the unique MacGuide Pro, you will see that the placement of sgs the laptop. For these older modes, you can turn off your computer and remove the battery compartment to see the numbers. To see a visible illustrati, go to the Apple website.
  • Mac Pro prior to 2013 (tower computer): discovered the back panel of the computer, near the video card outlet. To see a visible illustrati, go to the Apple website.
  • Mac Pro after 2013 (cylindrical computer): discovered the back of the computer. Turn off the Mac Pro before returning it. To see a visible illustrati, go to the Apple website.
  • Mac Mini (mid-2010 and later): discovered the back of the computer. If you need to see a visible illustrati, go to the Apple website.
  • Mac Mini (original-late 2009): discovered the bottom of the computer. To see a visible illustrati, go to the Apple website.

Another way to find out the dummy and serial quantity of your Mac is to additially check the unique packaging or the unique receipt / invoice – that is, when you have it anyway!

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