Apple tells Senate privacy is a ‘fundamental human right’

Bud Tribble has lg been involved with Apple over any other employee.
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Apple's vice president of software technology, Bud Tribble, today attended the Senate Commerce Committee and insisted amendment of privacy law in the country.

At the hearing, Apple joined with other technology giants such as Google, Amaz, Twitter and advised the lawmakers about the state of current Internet privacy. Tribble told the legislator that Apple csiders privacy as "basic human rights", but the company does not present a soluti.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry is entrusted to develop natial protecti that allows citizens to access and delete persal informati acquired by companies as necessary. This movement correspds in part to the EU 's General Data Protecti Regulati (EPS) Act, which came into force earlier this year.

Apple is seeking more privacy protecti

Tribble believes that members of the committee want to cvey all informati about the user to the device, but should be automatically isolated from access to the cfidential data.

"For Apple, privacy means having the right not to share your persal informati, privacy is when to ctrol that informati," says Tribble. In other words, the user can decide who to share persal informati with. That means you understand how that informati is used. Ultimately, privacy is about living in a world where you can believe that your decisis how your persal informati is shared and used are respected. We believe that privacy is a fundamental human right and should be supported by both social norms and laws.

Apple wants to adopt a policy that other companies do not store persal informati their servers. A complete copy of the opening remark of Tribble can be made line.

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