Apple switches up orders for iPhe XR to avoid delays

The LCD iPhe XR could be Apple's most popular new mobile phe.
Photo: Apple

Apple is changing the order between suppliers of the iPhe XR, in order to cfirm that there are no supply restrictis as far as possible when the device is finally released in October.

According to a new report, Apple originally divided the order of iPhe XR mainly between Pegatr and Foxcn, Pegatr w 50 to 60% of orders, Foxcn took 30%. However, Apple currently gives Foxcn half of Pegatr 's order due to yields less than expected from Pegatr and lack of Chinese factory workers.

Instead Pegatr handles ly 30% of the iPhe XR's order.

Manufacturing problem of iPhe XR

It is not a secret that Apple has problems with the producti of iPhe XR, rather than being launched in parallel with recent iPhe XS and iPhe XS Plus.

Prior to Apple 's media event earlier this mth, there is a report that "iPhe XR display" had "minor complicatis". Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty reported in July that Apple's manufacturer is an experience mobile phe LED backlight leakage.

According to today's news report, the supply of LCD panel of Japan display claims that "producti is not stable" about the producti of iPhe XR.

Potentially cfusing this problem is the fact that Apple may be surprised at the enthusiasm of LCD mobile phes. Immediately after Apple announced the new iPhe, a report was issued indicating that Apple has modified the ratio of all iPhe orders in December. As a result, the iPhe XR will occupy over 50% of the manufactured mobile phes.

The iPhe XR is scheduled to order October 19th before the device reaches the shelf 26th October.

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Source: Digitimes

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