Apple Surveys iMac Pro Owners about Pro Macs – If You Get the Survey, Please Respd

Apple has asked iMac Pro customers for investigati and is seeking opinis that device. Muttled first @afwaller, And picked it up AppleInsiderThe survey focuses professial needs. Please have an opini the needs of a professial Mac and in order to get the opportunity to participate in this questinaire.

Questinaire about iMac Pro

AppleInsider I believe that Apple wants to direct Mac Pro functis using this survey. The company can release the updated Mac Pro in 2019.

It is as reasable as Apple sent a questinaire to help guide the new iMac Pro features. The iMac Pro was announced in June of 2017 and shipped in December 2017. There are few plans for another model to appear in the near future, but it is reasable for Apple to revise it in 2019. If you have luck, it's embarrassing in summer and autumn in 2019.

Take the Questinaire

But whichever of the Mac iteratis this survey is aiming for, choose what you think. Please use questinaires and unanswered questis to tell Apple what you want. For example, if you think that adding RAM or replacing SSD is important, please inform the company. If you think you need to regularly update a professial Mac, please let Apple know.



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