'Apple Series 6' can introduce oxygen in the blood for the detecti, the better ECG

New health-focused features to create a new series of sensors may come from Apple this fall, including the oxygen in the blood of detecti and an improvement of the ECG.

Apple aly has fall detecti and heart rate mitoring by default
Apple aly has fall detecti and heart rate mitoring by default

Although the technology of oxygen in the blood detecti has existed in the Apple since the first versi, it has never been used. However, a new report says that the “Apple 6 Series” in the fall may have the ability.

If a pers’s blood oxygen falls below healthy levels, which is typically of the order of 95% to 100% saturati, it can lead to heart health problems or even a cardiac arrest. It is suggested that, ce implemented, users will be able to get push notificatis for the weak of oxygen in the blood.

According to 9to5Mac, this technology could come in the future, and with it an upgrade of the ECG.

The Apple of the Series 4 and later can perform an Electrocardiogram via the Digital output of the Crown. There is a limitati, however, because it will return a cclusive result if the heart rate is too high. An improved system would allow Ecg to be performed at much wider ranges.

Apple has been credited for saving the lives of many people, and each new feature added could lead to more lives saved. From the recording of a teenager from a SVT or somee has a car accident, the news are shared every day.

Apple ctinues to advance, the Apple and ctinues to champi the device as a life saving gadget. CEO Tim Cook has made it very clear that more preventive health care technology is the way.

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