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New Apple research describes a glass of the iPhone that allows you to display information, ics, and images any surface with the whole device touch.

Detail of a design patent. Notice how the wallpaper extends the side, edges and touch-screen ctrol, or Complicatis, such as data

The days of having to hold an iPhone vertically to Cope with the job ID may be numbered. And that even the idea of holding the phe, the “right” way, as a new patent from Apple describes an iPhone that has little need, or even indicati of a correct orientati.

“Electric device with Glass Enclosure,” US Patent No. 20200057525, describes an iPhone that csists “of a six-sided glass enclosure.”

It is still a frt or “at least a porti of the first major side of the six sides of the cabinet,” will show most of the commands and the display of most of the applicatis.

“Traditially, glass has been used in such devices to provide a transparent window a touch screen a frt side of the device,” explains the patent. “Described herein, however, are electric devices with speakers use the glass to define several sides of the cabinet… In such cases, the enclosure may appear visually and tactilely transparent, so that the enclosure may appear to be formed from a single piece of glass (even if it can be made up of several separate pieces fastened together).”

As well as the aesthetic benefit of a seemingly never iPhone, all windows can be functial.

“The enclosures have glass in the definiti of the sides of the enclosure may facilitate or allow many additial features and uses that are not realized with cvential brackets,” he ctinued. “For example, the glass back and glass sides can be transparent, allowing the electric device to include additial screens that are visible through the sides and/or back. In additi, the side and rear viewable displays can be made ctact and/or force sensitive using the touch screen and/or force-sensing systems, transforming the side and rear surfaces of the other input devices or surfaces with which a user can interact to ctrol the electric device.”

This could mean the replacement of the hardware mute switch, sleep/wake butt or volume ctrols, with the ctact-sensing areas. Apple may use a force sensing to allow the users to press an iPhone, perhaps, telling it to send the call to voicemail.

From the drawings included with the patent, Apple is also looking at using the edges of the phe to display information. There could be app-like ics that give access to Airplane Mode or Wi-Fi.

Examples include the Apple-like Complicatis such as the outs of the current weather, or the scroll data from the Stocks app.

Notice how the edges or

Notice how the edges or “device side” are deliberately blurred that Apple wants to make the transparent device without any distractis

Apple shows the wallpaper, which extends from the frt and the sides, showing a ce rounded, rather than a definite benefit to…

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