Apple, Samsung crushes troll hot spot patent

It is not everyday for Apple and Samsung to find a basis for cooperati, but even these arch rivals can agree to step in a patent troll.

Both companies cvinced the federal court to invalidate patents related to mobile hot spots created by smartphes. This patent was held by a company that is used ly to sue other companies.

IXI IP claimed that licensing fees from Apple, Samsung, and other mobile phe manufacturers are patented for the entire ccept of mobile hot spots. Specifically, "a system, a device and a computer readable medium for providing a wireless network managed using a short-range wireless signal", Patent No. 7,039,033.

Telephe manufacturer lawyers were able to cvince the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals that the Hotspot Patent was not the original idea and should never be awarded. They showed that the idea of ​​mobile hot spot is already described in the book published before the patent applicati. That is a brief explanati. The legal basis is more complicated.

How Troll got a hot spot patent

IXI IP is commly referred to as "patent troll". Because it is a company that does not research and does not produce products. A similar company generally purchases patents, gathers patents, and uses it to request licensing fees from other companies.

These are the symptoms of the US Patent and Trademark Office problem. Although the number of patent applicatis has increased dramatically, the budget of this agency is dramatically increasing. Then a patent will be granted when it should not be de.

Sometimes these are called "obvious" patents. It was a case of IXI IP hotspots. It is when patents are awarded to companies and individuals for ideas already widely prevalent …



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