Apple News associates with popular publishers for an exclusive video

A ppl associates with news agencies and publishers to obtain exclusive video ctent for its Apple News platform, according to a new report.

e of the first major ctracts that Apple has put in place is a partnership with BuzzFeed News, Digiday reported. Last mth, the magazine published a series of documentaries, "Future History: 1968", exclusively Apple News for a week before rolling it out other platforms.

"Apple has become so serious about competing with Facebook, Google / YouTube, and Twitter as a distributi center for news publishers that it's paying publishers to unveil programs Apple's first news," Digiday Journalist Tim Peters wrote

The first three episodes of the docu series were launched Apple News April 21. It aired YouTube, Facebook Watch and Twitter April 28.

Apple News has featured "Future History: 1968" in video galleries this weekend and the series has also been included in push notificatis to users. subscribes to BuzzFeed News.

According to BuzzFeed's Roxanne Emadi, head of development, the series received "several hundred thousand views" during its exclusive week Apple News.

The documentary series focuses the historical events that took place in 1968, but csiders them from a modern angle. Cversatis between important persalities, such as Martin Luther King Jr. and his wife, are shown in a text message thread, for example.

The Apple News platform has been known to generate some traffic to the ctent of publishers, but many media However, Apple could have a number of changes in-store for the News applicati – including a new plan to allow ctent publishers to use the advertising platforms that they already make their main websites.

In additi, Apple recently acquired a subscripti-based news service called Texture – which basically functied as a "Netflix" for popular magazines. This suggests that the Cupertino tech giant might csider subscribing to a subscripti for lg-form ctent or magazine Apple News.

Apple also plans to remove Microsoft Windows support for the Texture applicati in the next two mths. While this may herald future plans for the platform (as a closer integrati with the Apple ecosystem), this may also be due to bad reviews and a lack of updates the platform. Windows App Store,

As further evidence of Apple's growing attenti the renovati of the platform, the company hired a former publisher New York Magazine Lauren Kern, to serve as the head of the editorial team of Apple News last year. The company has also lobbied for publicatis to distribute better and lger ctent the app.

Currently, the full applicati Apple News is ly available in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. Apple cfirms a microphe problem with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in iOS 11.3

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