Apple must fight against a $ 15.3 billi tax bill from the EU without the help of the US government

Thursday, the Court of Justice of the European Uni blocked the US efforts to support Apple in the appeal of a $ 15.3 billi tax bill, which the European Commissi has first ordered to Ireland to collect in August 2016.

Justice of the European Uni

The Court of Justice upheld the decisi of a lower court in December 2017, according to which the United States had not shown how it had a direct interest in the case, Bloomberg . The last decisi was announced via Twitter.

The US government argued that it had a vested interest in Apple 's tax struggles in the EU, given that the company could potentially claim credit from the US. tax to pay mey in Ireland. The Treasury even claimed that the EU was making itself a "supranatial tax authority".

The EU however said that Ireland had granted Apple preferential tax treatment for years, even reverse engineering rules to make happy company. According to the laws of the Uni, the benefits offered to a business must be available to others – otherwise, they may cstitute unlawful state aid.

Apple channeled significant internatial revenue across Ireland, using loopholes to pay minimum taxes. According to the Commissi, Apple paid 1% of profits in 2003 and as little as 0.005% in 2014.

In their testimy and elsewhere, Apple and Ireland have denied any wrgdoing, claiming that they complied with all applicable laws. Nevertheless, the latter has begun to fill some gaps and the Commissi has proposed new tax rules which …

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