Apple Music now separates albums from artists page single & EP [updated]

update: It seems that this functi has been restored by all users. The reas why it could ly be used temporarily is not clear.

Apple Music has updated to better separate ctent items the artist page. Previously, Apple Music treated the album like a single or EP. The latter appears as a single track album list. Now a backstage update is released, another single & EP secti is added to the artist page, ly the actual album is shown in the album secti.

Apple ctinues to improve the charm of music services of $ 9.99 / mo. Today Apple Music announced a new Top 100 playlist.

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The new ctent type currently appears ly when drilling down the artist page. For example, search Apple Music for "Ed Sheeran" and tap the official profile page.

A strip of album will be displayed at the top of the view (tap "Browse All" to drill down). The bottom line is the new single & EP secti.

This is a really big change quality when discovering new artists. For example, Ed Sheeran has dozens of singles and EP remixes to embed the actual album. EP also generally uses the same artwork as the actual album, so everything looks the same, making it even more difficult to scan and find what you are actually looking for.

In our previous tests, the main search result screen was updated and did not seem to respect the new category. In the search, "Album" ctinues to include all singles and EP tracks that are mixed with the actual album. Hopefully Apple will make the same improvements the search screen.

Since many parts of the Apple Music interface are abstracted, the applicati ly presents the data it receives from the server, Apple …



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