Apple mitors your iPhe usage to assign you a ‘trust score’

Apple is cvinced that your device is really being used by you and each is designed to give you an iPhe 's cfidence score.
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In order to prevent unauthorized purchases from the iTunes Store, Apple is beginning to offer "iTrust score" to each iOS device. I do not know exactly how it is calculated, but how many phes and emails have been sent and received the phe or tablet

Even though there is a goal worthy of praise for fraud preventi, the cfidence score of the iPhe may raise the privacy advocate's huckle. Still, Apple has promised not to track users.

The company updated the privacy statement the iTunes Store as follows.

"To identify and prevent fraud, informati how to use your device (such as the approximate phe number and number of e-mails sent and received) is used to calculate the trust score of the device at the time of purchase The submissi is designed so that Apple can not know the real value of your device.The score is saved for a certain time the server.

How iPhe's cfidence score is used

Apple does not reveal exactly how iPhe's cfidence score was calculated. Probably to prevent a scammer from coming up with a workaround. Perhaps the company may be interested in typical usage patterns, such as how often e-mails and calls are made. Changes in that pattern can indicate that the phe is no lger ctrolled by the real owner.

Apple warranted solar It's not tracking whom people are communicating with, just how many calls and e-mails are being sent. And the company promises not to store this data for a lg time. Score is not a unique identifier that can be used to deliver targeted ads.

It is impossible to know what the cfidence score of your device is.

Apple and privacy

iPhe makers have recently been asked to answer various questis about privacy policy. "We believe that privacy is a fundamental human right, we intentially design our products and services to minimize the collecti of customer data.When we collect data, we It is transparent and works to separate it from the user.

Apple is a different field from other high-tech companies.

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