Apple is the main appellant of your tax investigati

New report this weekend SF Chricle Apple is strgly claiming to lower the tax burden in his county in Santa Clara, California. The report explains that Apple is the main appellant of tax assessment within the county that has more than 400 open lawsuits since 2004.

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According to the report, since 2004, Apple has currently filed 489 tax appeals. The company is ctesting the $ 8.5 billi real estate value. This is comm to Silic Valley high-tech companies. Apple is the largest taxpayer in Santa Clara and pays 56 milli dollars for the 2017 – 2018 tax year.

In Santa Clara County, 489 public acti lawsuits have been brought up by 2004 and Apple is a powerful appeal of tax assessment as cflicting property value of US $ 8.5 billi. Apple is the largest taxpayer in the county and pays 56 milli dollars at the tax rate of 2017-1818.

Apple's acti filed in 2015 claims that some real estate that surrounds Apple Park is worth just 200 US dollars, but the county values ​​it as $ 1 billi. Another appeal applicati revealed assets that the evaluator valued at $ 384 milli, but Apple claimed that it was worth $ 200.

High-tech enterprises such as Apple, Google, Sun Microsystems, Applied Materials, etc. in Santa Clara County, home of Cupertino, reported that it accounts for more than half of the $ 76 billi assessment.

Santa Clara Associe Rally Ste explained that the cause of many discrepancies is "high-tech equipment" which is difficult to evaluate due to complicated depreciati rules.

Mr. Ste said, "Our company's advancement and the complexity of the high-tech industry are different." "Machine, equipment, computers, fixtures … everything goes into Apple …



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