Apple is fourth in the Fortune 500 annual rankings

After remaining third the Fortune 500 list over the past two years, Apple dropped e spot in 2018 and is now ranked fourth amg the top performing US companies in terms of gross revenue . The move of Apple the list is due to Exx Mobil rising from # 4 in 2017 to # 2 in 2018.

The top five places were Walmart at # 1, Exx Mobil at # 2, Berkshire Hathaway at # 3, Apple at # 4, and UnitedHealth Group at # 5. Other tech companies the list include Amaz at # 8, AT & T at # 9, Veriz at # 16, Alphabet at # 22, and Microsoft at # 30.

Fortune broke Apple's place the list, citing mainly the "global saturati of smartphes" as a potential reas for the company's inability to climb higher in the rankings. Fortune discussed similar issues for Apple in the company's profile last year, stating at the time that "Apple finally seemed to hit a wall" in reference to its reliance sales of 39; iPhone.

Apple took a small step back from third to fourth, despite a 6% increase in annual sales, but realized profits with more than $ 48 billi. net revenue. In short, the behemoth Apple ctinues to grow and despite the global saturati of smartphes, which cstitute the vast majority of sales and profits of the company. In an unusual move, Apple introduced three new phes, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus updated, as well as the iPhone X (prounced "ten"), recverted, powered by facial recogniti technology. Services like Apple Pay and Apple Music …

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