Apple invests to save Colombian mangrove forest

Such mangrove forests may be the key to fighting climate change.
Photo: Blue Forest / Flickr CC

Apple fulfills the missi of rescuing mangrove forests that are globally disappearing.

The mangrove forest sucks up a large amount of carb dioxide from the air. Half of all mangrove forests the planet have been lost since 1940, but Apple has made significant investments to save certain Colombian forests to curb climate change.

Apple announced today that it has invested in mangrove forests the coast of Colombia to offset the emissis of Apple Maps cars driving around the world. Plan to protect and restore mangroves with 27,000 acres of forest.

In the next two years the forest will offset 17,000 metric ts emissis. It is about the same as the emissis that cars emit in the next 10 years.

Save Mangrove

Lisa Jacks of Apple's envirment, policy and social initiative revealed this plan to the audience at the Global Climate Acti Summit this morning in San Francisco.

"These forests are e of the most important tools of nature in the fight against climate change and are important as they can absorb and store ten times more carb than the forest the ground.

Mangrove trees have the highest carb stocks in the habitat the earth. They store carb in branches and leaves like most trees, but push carb back to the ground through the roots underwater. Climate change experts believe that cservati and repopulati of mangrove forests is e of the most important ways for humans to cool the earth after carb emissis cause global warming.

"Today, I am here to explicitly tell you that there is no ctradicti between healthy planets and healthy revenues," Jacks said. "This is a false preference and we have to reject it."

This is not the first time Apple invested in the forest. In 2015, the company purchased 36,000 acres of private forest, it is now harvested sustainably and is used for all packaging materials.

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