Apple helped the financial development of a process of fusi of "revolutiary" carb-free aluminum

Apple announced Thursday that it was helping aluminum giants Alcoa and Rio Tinto to develop a carb-neutral "groundbreaking" aluminum smelting process. The company said it has ctributed to a $ 144 milli fund used to fund research and development of the process. The two aluminum companies and the governments of Canada and Quebec also ctributed to the fund.

  Elysis Aluminum Ingots (Credit: Apple)

Elysis Aluminum Ingots (Credit: Apple)

If I woke up and compiled a complete list of things that I Was waiting for Apple to announce today, "help the aluminum giants to understand everything related to the aluminum melting" would not have de the Top 300.

"Apple is committed to advancing planet technologies and helping protect for generatis to come," Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a statement. "We are proud to be part of this ambitious new project and hope to e day be able to use aluminum produced without direct greenhouse gas emissis in the manufacture of our products."

Back Story

Apple said engineers looking for a more envirmentally friendly way to produce aluminum, used in many Apple products. The aluminum has been melted for 130 years thanks to a process that releases carb dioxide, a greenhouse gas. "After meeting with the largest aluminum companies, independent labs and startups around the world," says Brian Lynch, an engineer at Apple. Jim Yurko and Katie Sassaman found their answer at Alcoa Corporati. "

Alcoa had developed a new method that gave oxygen …

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