Apple has removed Sensor Tower VPN, ad-blocking applicatis for the collecti of user data

Apple recently removed an ad blocking app that is owned by the Sensor Tower, after a survey revealed the analysis of the firm to be secretly collecting data from the user through a variety of iOS and Android apps.

Luna VPN
Sensor Tower, Luna VPN is the App Store.

According to BuzzFeed News, Sensor Tower has distributed at least 20 data-harvesting applicatis the App Store and the Google Play store for 2015. Applicatis that have been removed for violating the store guidelines, to install a root certificate a target phe to mitor the traffic data and other user metrics.

Two applicatis, Adblock Ccentrate and Luna VPN, have recently been active the App Store, while the four apps — Free and Unlimited VPN, Luna VPN, Mobile Data, and Adblock Ccentrate were available in the Google Play store. Apple has removed Adblock Focus and Google started Mobile Data after being ctacted by the publicati. Luna VPN is currently under investigati by Apple.

Ne of the apps in questi revealed an associati with Sensor Tower, nor did they disclose data collecti to inform the company of analysis products. As noted by BuzzFeed News, however, the code used in the applicatis were created by developers who work for the company.

A spokesman for Apple said a dozen Sensor Tower apps were previously banned from the App Store for violati of terms of service, according to the report. The company strictly enforces the privacy protocols that restrict the developers to install the root certificate of liens csumer devices, such as the mechanism may reveal a mass of iPhone data transmissi and sensitive information. A number of high-profile tech companies have trouble with these rules, including Facebook and Google.

Randy Nels, a Sensor around the head of mobile insights, in a statement to BuzzFeed News, the applicatis d’t collect sensitive user data or persally identifiable information. In additi, it stated that “the vast majority of these applicatis listed are now defunct (inactive) and a few are in the process of phasing out.”

“We take the app stores’ guidelines very seriously and make a ccerted effort to comply with them, as well as all amendments to these rules that occur from time to time,” Nels said.

As for the image of the brand, Nels said Sensor Tower has kept its involvement secret for reass of competiti.

“When we csider the relatiship between these types of applicatis and analytics to the business, it makes a lot of sense — especially given our salvati as a startup,” Nels said. He added that the company has the initial intent was to build an ad blocker, but has been unable to provide evidence of this project.

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