Apple has demstrated how complex it is to own digital ctent

The purchased digital ctent existed lg ago since the iTunes Store was released in 2003, but the situati was very different. Devices are not always cnected, streaming is not the main way to access purchased (or subscribed) ctent, but most are physical media (VHS tape, DVD, CD, or 8 tracks). As ctent is streamed, stored in the cloud, and available all devices, ownership of the digital ctent is much more complicated than purchasing movies, books, albums and purchasing indefinitely.

Twitter articles recently, Anders G da Silva (@ drandersgs) Discovered that three separate movies are ge from his iTunes library. After ctacting Apple, he learned that the "ctent provider" of the movie deleted the ctent from the iTunes Store in Canada. This means that movies Apple's servers are no lger available to him. It is warning Apple that it's possible with 7000 terms of service.

This is not the ly time that happened in modern times. Small changes like album and movie artwork have changed over the years with iTunes ctent. Kindle Books has been "updated" to correct mistakes and make minor adjustments. The disadvantage of drawing everything out of the cloud is that nothing is permanent.

When you purchased ctent (books, movies, or music), you left the store.



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