Apple, Google, Facebook lobby of the EU in the course of IA regulati plans

The high Artificial Intelligence of the leaders of technology companies, including Apple, are in Brussels to plead their case that the European Uni aims to establish regulatis the artificial intelligence, which could have a significant impact the learning of the machine a global scale.

An Apple engineer testing a Machine Learning feature (source: Apple)

Apple John Giannandrea, vice president of Machine Learning and AI Strategy, it is in Brussels that the European Uni officials to begin planning regulatis for Artificial Intelligence. Separately, the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai has been to the city, and of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has arrived specifically to talk with Margrethe Vestager, vice-president of the European Commissi.

According to the New York Timesthese AI leaders, and other professials are there to present the ccerns of their companies of technology. The European Uni is a political debate which would see the rules put in place for the way in which companies can and can not use the AI.

Although the european UNI decisis may be applied ly to its member states, increasingly the work of the Commissi has effectively set standards a global scale. Although its laws the cfidentiality and the sanctis imposed companies such as Google, the EU has seen other countries adopt its rules or its similar.

Vestager is due to publish a first draft of the ai policy Wednesday. It will also be accompanied by expansi of recommendatis for the EU, the regulati of IA in the future, although the two documents will then be discussed by the Commissi in the remainder of the year 2020.

Apple John Giannandrea

Apple John Giannandrea

Neither Apple nor Facebook have commented the political, but Google Pichai said during his January visit to Brussels that the regulati was necessary, but could stifle innovati.

“So that the AI promises enormous benefits for Europe and the world, there are real ccerns about the potential negative csequences,” he said. Mr. Pichai said. “The ability of European industry to adopt and adapt the AI to their needs will be very important for the future of the ctinent,” he said. “It is important to keep this in mind.”

Vestager has said that these negative csequences can come from the way AI uses reservoirs data, a vast amount of information that must be ctrolled by the privacy protectis.

The European Commissi has indicated that it welcomes the leaders of the technology, and Vestager said she was curious to hear Mark Zuckerberg’s ideas about the AI, but could not wait to act.

“We will do our best to avoid unintended csequences,” she said. “But, of course, there will be intended csequences.”

John Giannandrea previously at Google until 2018. He believes, he was hired by Apple to first work Apple’s Siri and the self-driving car program.

Margrethe Vestager has already fined Apple billi tax matters, and is involved in the investigati of Spotify complaints about Apple Music.

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