Apple frequently forced to give customer iCloud data to the police

A locked iPhone can not be accessed without the password, and even Apple can not unlock it. But Apple must comply with government requests for iCloud information.

And there are many. The company received 3,358 requests for access to persal data in the secd half of 2017, about half of which came from the United States.

Apple challenged 224 of them, and there were 600 where no data was provided. As the company points out, "any government agency seeking customer ctent from Apple must obtain a search warrant issued the basis of a probable cause."

However, Apple has returned the iCloud client data in 717 of these requests. In a further 2,041 cases, the company provided data without ctent

The returned information includes "stored photos, emails, iOS device backups, ctacts or calendars. "

] But ly a small percentage of the applicatis that Apple receives are because law enforcement officials believe that the user has committed a crime.

"The circumstances of the government's request may vary from cases where law enforcement agencies are working behalf of clients who have requested assistance in recovering lost or stolen devices. their credit card was used fraudulently to buy Apple products or services, in cases where an account is suspected of being used illegally, "explained the company in its latest report transparency …

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