Apple facing trial the heart rate sensor in Apple Watch

Apple faces a lawsuit brought by Omni MedSci, a company that claims that Apple is encroaching its patented technology with the Apple Watch heart rate sensor, reports Axios .

Omni MedSci claims to have met Apple from 2014 to 2016, but Apple finally ended the discussis for a partnership and then reportedly used the patented Omni MedSci technology.

Omni MedSci filed a lawsuit in the Eastern District of Texas today, claiming that Apple has voluntarily violated its patents and sought an injuncti against Apple with damages.

Apple first introduced Apple Watch in 2015, and since its incepti, the Apple Watch has introduced a built-in heart rate sensor. Heart rate detecti is a key feature of the wrist-worn device, and recent studies have suggested that it can be used to detect a multitude of health problems, such as atrial fibrillati, early signs of diabetes, hypertensi and more.

Omni MedSci, the company that sues Apple, belgs to Mohammed Islam, which was described in 2015 by a …

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