Apple faces class acti against failed MacBook keyboards

The design of the polarizing butterfly keyboard from Apple is currently causing legal problems in the company. A new class acti lawsuit was filed against Apple, alleging that the company was aware of the reliability issues of the pre-launch design, but still published it.

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As described by AppleInsider ] the lawsuit was filed in the Northern California District Court and includes both the 12-inch MacBook and the MacBook Pro.

The lawsuit alleges that "thousands" of users have suffered problems with the butterfly keyboard ultimately useless. The lawsuit says that even "minimal amounts of dust or debris" cause the keyboard to fail, making e of the "basic functis" of the MacBook broken. The Apple Butterfly Keyboard and MacBook are therefore manufactured and assembled so that, when a minimal amount of dust or debris accumulates under or around a key, the keystrokes are not de correctly. register. The keyboard fault compromises the basic functiality of the MacBook.

Due to the defect, csumers who bought a MacBook face a cstant threat of unreactive keys and a keyboard failure that accompanies it. When e or more keys the keyboard fail, the MacBook can no lger serve its main functi: typing. So, when this fault manifests itself in the MacBook, the computer becomes unusable and unsuitable for its ordinary and destined …

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