Apple drops 24% the cost of a cable you really need

The price of a USB-C lighting cable dropped by 24%. This is good news for almost all iPhone and iPad users.

This cable should be bundled with the phe and tablet from Apple. It offers faster charging and is required for cnectivity with the latest macOS devices.

There is ly e USB-C light cable allowed, and it is sold by Apple. Previously, it was $ 25, but it is now $ 19. This does not seem to be a special price, but a permanent price reducti.

After this change, the USB-C lighting cable costs the same price as the old Apple USB-A lighting cable.

Faster Loading

e might think that the cable and wall adapter that came with an iPhone or iPad are the fastest way to recharge them. It's a reasable assumpti, but it's always wrg.

All iOS 2017 devices support Fast Charge, which allows them to get up to 50% charge in half an hour. This requires a USB-C cable and adapter, and Apple instead offers older, slower USB-A cables and chargers.

Of course, Fast Charge requires not ly the right cable, but also a USB-C wall adapter. Apple sells them in capacities of 29W, 61W and 87W

Apple will assemble a USB-C lighting cable and an adapter with the iPhone 2018 models.

Compatibility MacBook

Even if you do not have any of them. Do not have an iPhone new enough to take advantage of fast charging, this USB-C lighting cable is also needed to cnect a MacBook or MacBook Pro to any iOS device.

As mentied, Apple ships the iPhone and the iPad in a …

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