Apple demands $ 1 billi from Samsung for design patent infringement

Apple and Samsung are back in court this week for a new lawsuit that will determine how much Samsung has to pay Apple for violating Apple's design patents. Samsung has been found guilty of violating patents in 2012, but the two companies are fighting over the amount of mey that Samsung should pay for the last six years.

The fundamental questi between the two companies is whether the damage should be based the total value of the device, or whether Samsung should pay a fee based solely the elements of the phe that it has copied.

Apple is of the view that its payment should be based the full value of the iPhone, while Samsung claims that it should pay a lesser amount based ly a porti of the value of l & # 39; iPhone. "They seek profits the entire phe", pleaded Samsung lawyer Quinn John. "Apple's design patents do not cover the entire phe, they are entitled to profits ly the compents [infringing] not the entire phe".

The day yesterday was devoted to jury selecti, while pleadings and testimy began today. Leading Apple executives like Tim Cook and Jy Ive will not testify during the trial, but Richard Howarth, senior director of Apple's design team will discuss the design process, and Susan Kare will take also talk to talk about graphic design.

Apple Joshiak, vice president of Apple's product marketing, was the first to testify this afterno, where he said that the design of the iPhone is the heart of the …

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