Apple defended the decisi to allow Infowars the App Store and said it supports "all perspectives"

After deleting five Infowars podcasts earlier this week, Apple announced today that the Infowars applicati itself will be available the App Store for the time being. This statement, obtained by BuzzFeed News, explains that Apple supports the "all perspectives" represented in the App Store.

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Apple has removed five Infowars podcasts from iTunes and Podcasts' applicati this week, saying that its ctents violate hate speech guidelines. However, despite its deleti, the Infowars app is alive the App Store and grew phenomenally in terms of downloading.

The Infowars Official applicati for iOS allows users to stream Infowars ctent. This is the same ctent that Apple deemed inappropriate for podcasts and iTunes.

In today's statement, Apple explained "It strgly supports all perspectives expressed in the App Store." The company said that it is necessary to "respect users with different optis" and pointed out that it is necessary to follow the App Store guidelines.

"We strgly endorse all views expressed in the App Store as lg as the App Store respects users with different opinis and guarantees that the App Store is a safe market for all markets according to explicit guidelines" "Said the company. statement

In additi, Apple ctinually mitors for violatis of the guidelines and deletes all ctent that violates the guidelines and all the apps that ctain harmful ctent to users.

"We are ctinuing to mitor applicatis for breach of guidelines.When we find violatis of our guidelines and find ctent that is harmful to our users, remove the applicati from the store as we have de so far.

Apple 's today'



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