Apple asks Samsung $ 1 billi for patent infringement

Apple asks Samsung to shell out $ 1 billi in damages for violating iPhone design patents

Both companies have again appeared this week in court, which began there is seven years old. Apple told the jurors that Samsung should hand over all the profits made four devices heavily inspired by the iPhone. Samsung's lawyers disagree

Samsung has already been found guilty of copying the iPhone. He violated three design patents and two utility patents awarded to Apple to cover the first models of his popular smartphe. But the sum of the damages that Samsung has to pay has not yet been accepted

. In 2012, a jury agreed that Apple should receive $ 1.05 billi, but this figure has been reduced in new lawsuits. In December 2016, the Supreme Court ruled that the case should be returned to court after finding it unfair that Samsung realizes all its profits with $ 3.3 billi in sales.

Apple wants $ 1 billi from Samsung

Apple and Samsung are now

Apple's lawyer, Bill Lee, told jurors this week that their ly goal was to determine the damage that the company should perceive. Should the fee be based the mey that Samsung has made of the total cost of its devices, or should it be based specifically counterfeit compents?

Apple argues that all the benefits of Samsung should be taken into account. Lee asked the jurors to "go back in time" until 2006 and csider what mobile phes looked like before the iPhone. Samsung argues, however, that …

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