Apple and the EFF win the podcasting win as the Supreme Court rejects the case

In cclusi of a lg patent battle podcasts, the US Supreme Court refused to hear Persal Audio v. Electric Frtier Foundati, giving him the victory – and by extensi, companies like Apple and Google.

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Persal Audio, often labeled a patent troll, has for years been making requests from podcasters like Adam Carolla and targeting big tech companies like Apple. The podcasts take their name from the Apple iPod, and the company has played an important role in adopting the name and acting as a distributor via iTunes.

Carolla raised $ 500,000 from her supporters to defend herself. Persal Audio has been successful in obtaining $ 8 milli from Apple for violating two related patents

In August 2017, however, the Federal Circuit Federal Appellate Court upheld a 2015 decisi of the Office of the Attorney General. patents and trademarks in favor of the EFF. Key Podcasting Patent of Audio, "System for Disseminating Media Ctent Representing Episodes in a Serialized Sequence." The decisi created a difficult battle for any other lawsuit.

Persal Audio was originally founded by Jim Logan, who in the late 1990s tried to market a digital music player. When the company failed, Logan turned to the patent in an attempt to garnish the licensing rights of well-known podcasters.

Beyd the podcasting patent, Persal Audio has used related IPs against technology companies like Apple, Google and Samsung. …

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