Apple and Qualcomm collaborate again in 2019

Apple and Qualcomm have been fighting for a year and a half, but they can make peace in the 5G era.

According to a new report, sources in the supply chain believe that companies will improve their relatiship next year because it would be too risky for Apple to gamble the producti of 5G smartphes by using n-Qualcomm chips. Qulacomm is e of the leaders in 5G chip technology.

The source reports that "use will be made of the differences between Qualcomm and Apple", it is expected that 100% of the modem chip orders will be recorded in 2018.

MediaTek develops its Helio M70 5G chip soluti using a 7nm process at TSMC to appeal to Apple. These chips can send data at speeds up to 5 Gb / s via a 5G network. Nevertheless, it is likely that Apple will take over the Qualcomm's modem chips for its 2019 iPhones.

Digitimes goes that further:

"According to sources, the next-generati 5G smartphes should be compatible with 4G communicatis specificatis in the short term, and performance, quality and performance are critical to the sales of 5G smartphes, and global smartphe brand vendors can collaborate with Qualcomm, who have started a technological collaborati with many telecom operators around the world, and who have already offered complete solutis for brand customers, barely escape.

Qualcomm boss, CEO Steve Mollenkopf, said he was cfident that the company's quarrel with Apple could be resolved – as lg as the law is being negotiated.

Apple vs. Qualcomm

The quarrel with Qualcomm began in January last year after Apple sued Qualcomm for allegedly having $ 1 billi in discounts as Apple helped South Korean regulators investigate Qualcomm's business.

Qualcomm replied that Apple was deliberately misleading and claimed to have breached its ctract. Apple's later decisi to keep royalty payments to Qualcomm. Subsequently, Qualcomm was forced to revise its earnings forecasts to reduce the number, thereby eliminating e of Apple's main revenue sources.

Since then, the battle has raged – with Qualcomm even trying to ban the import of iPhones in the United States that use chips, "other than those provided by Qualcomm's subsidiaries".

Although a resoluti of the quarrel Qualcomm versus Apple seems unlikely at the moment, the same can be said of Samsung, Microsoft, Google and many other companies with which Apple has developed. Well, enough that they can at least work together.

Source: Cultofmac

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