Apple and Microsoft in talks with the UAE to end the ban FaceTime and Skype

Apple and Microsoft are in negotiatis with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to end the ban FaceTime and Skype. Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) services are banned in the UAE to protect local telecom mopolies, but the government also tends to authoritarianism and listens to the communicatis of its citizens and many foreign workers.

It is this last point that could be the biggest negative point of the negotiatis. Apple uses end-to-end encrypti that makes mitoring impossible. Microsoft has also recently added end-to-end encrypti Skype. For Apple, at least, there is no work around this encrypti, and it would be wderful if Apple allowed a versi of FaceTime without it. The applicati and features of FaceTime are not included iPhones sold in the United Arab Emirates.

According to CNBC, purchases of iPhones outside the UAE may use FaceTime in the country, but with mixed results. Skype was banned more aggressively after adding end-to-end encrypti earlier this year

Business Matters

. The UAE wants to develop strger relatiships with technology giants, and they also want to encourage more domestic investment. CNBC reported that Microsoft has built data centers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Apple has increased its presence in the country.

It is in this complex ctext that the UAE Telecommunicatis Regulatory Authority (TRA) has begun discussis with Apple and Microsoft, even going as far as to cfirm these discussis with the press. Microsoft has also cfirmed the cversatis, while Apple has remained mom.

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