Apple again throws size in new 0Growth Spurt0 ad for iPhe XS Max

Apple debuted Friday with a new ad for the iPhe XS Max, "Growth Spurt", which ce again dwells the theme of size in the marketing of the flagship of the XS line.

The commercial allows people to photograph with the Max or ing video ctent the screen, making people, animals and objects in real life enormous. It ends with a whole city that is growing and the slogan & # 39; Everything you love has become bigger & # 39 ;.

Apple has focused ads in display format lg before the XS and XS Max were even launched. The XS has a relatively standard 5.8-inch screen, but the Max is 6.5 inches, making it not ly the largest smartphe of Apple so far, but e of the largest the market as a whole.

An upcoming mid-range phe, the iPhe XR, will be almost as big at 6.1 inches.

Apple was ce notoriously resistant to building an iPhe of more than four inches, insisting that it was better if people could reach all corners of the screen with e hand. It went wrg with the iPhe 6 and 6 Plus of 2014 after it realized that the site is losing to Android phes, many of which are already five inches or more.

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