Apple & # 39; s iPhe XS Max is a winner. For now

Those with an iPhe X have little reas to upgrade to an iPhe XS. But the iPhe XS Max seems to be a winner. At least until pre-orders start for the iPhe XR.

People are always looking for a data angle to prove that Apple has failed its ccept for the new iPhes in September. Then the figures come out during the quarterly earnings reports, and Apple is doing fine.

2018 iPhe setup and prices. Image credit: Apple.

Last year, the late introducti of the iPhe X in November was seen as a sign of disaster. Did not happen. The iPhe X was a hit. And the iPhe 8 did just as well.

This year, apparently due to technical problems with the display, orders for the iPhe XR will not start until 19 October. Meanwhile, it seems that the iPhe XS Max is doing very well. Gene Munster and Will Thomps have the at LoupVentures . "IPhe launches takeaways: Xs Max Demand exceeds Historical Plus Demand."

There is a good piece of analysis and historical data here.

1. Csumers increasingly order line devices to prevent lg queues the launch day.

2. We expect iPhe Xr to make its debut October 23rd[sic], to approve 38% of iPhes sold in the next year, compared to 21% for the Xs and Xs Max combined (9% Xs, 12% Xs Max).

The remaining 41% would probably be iPhe 8 and 7. Note that although the XS Max is more of a favorite, it may not be due to a huge margin. The XS will find its niche. Nevertheless….

Interest in the XS Max exceeded the historic demand for Plus versis, with 70% of respdents who bought an Xs Max versus an average of 54% for [previous] Plus versis.

This may be due to the fact that the 8 Plus from last year had an LCD screen and the XS Max this year has an OLED screen. Or maybe the movement to larger screens, thanks to stunning graphics and video capabilities and wireless bandwidths, is accelerating.

The point here is that people must do pendulum, ask customers questis about their preferences and examine historical data to identify trends. We'll know more when Apple announces the sales figures, but the result is that Apple's line-up is always strg, Apple understands its customers, that there's rarely a real duddle, sales stay strg all year and Apple makes buckets of mey. In fact, most of all.

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