AMD Rade 'Navi 2X' maps will of ray tracing for future Mac

AMD has detailed the next-generati of Rade graphics processing units code-named “Navi 2X,” with the CSTRUCT 2 the family plans to include the hardware path of rays amg the other new features of cards that should be compatible with macOS.

AMD currently offers graphics cards as the RX 5000 series using its 7 nanometers Navi Gpu, with more exotic professial-level cards like the Rade Pro Vega II for the Mac Pro, and the Rade Pro W5700. In a presentati in the framework of AMD’s recent Financial Analyst Day, the company has big plans for the next generati of maps and Graphs.

The secd generati of the CSTRUCT maps are the “code name ” Navi 2X” reports Anandtech, with the name of the result of the current generati of Processors using the name of code of navigati. Aimed at the high-performance segment, the range will be “no-compromise 4K gaming,” according to a slide, while offering the “effective power to use”.

AMD has not provided detailed information the Gpu, outside of the title of features. As the Gpu used in the Xbox series, X-Series, Microsoft update to the game csole, the details AMD are more a cfirmati of what to expect in the Processors and graphics cards.

The list of features for the Gpu include the hardware ray-tracing capabilities, as well as the variable rate shading, bringing AMD more in line with the offerings of its main competitor, Nvidia. AMD intends to ctinue the use of a 7-nanometer process, just like the RDNA.

In terms of energy usage, AMD is aiming for a 50% increase in performance-per-watt of the RDNA in the RDNA 2, with RDNA achieve 50% of improvements. The improvements will be fueled by changes in the microarchitecture to improve the performance per clock cycle, a reducti of the complexity and power switching of logic, and an overall increase in the speed of the clock.

While the cards are a lg way from being launched, Mac users professial and those with a need for high-level graphics processing performance will be to keep an eye AMD Rade launches. Apple ctinues to deny that Nvidia graphics cards compatibility with macOS, while adding support for graphics cards Rade, which leaves AMD as the ly real graphical upgrade path for Mac Pro owners, and those the external GPU enclosures.

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