Amaz Echo Devices Make Up 63% Of Active Smart Speakers In The States

According to a new survey released today by Strategy Analytics: Amaz models, rebounding are respsible for 63% of the installed base of csumer speakers from the United States. Then came 17% to 4% to Google and Apple.

An agent for individual models, General Amaz accounts for 23% of csumer speakers active in the United States, following the end of the echo low-Dot (see picture above). This is ly 21% of the installed base in the cities.

After the first two models will go to the Google Mini 7% to 8% share to Google's share fell sharply. Apple Pod House at 4% of csumer speakers installed in the United States.

When a device expected to be a big winner Apple, its share is higher than 2% of Google max. The percentage House Pod is based US-base models of other matches of the Amaz that lies between the reflected Springer Show Amaz, Amaz and Kids Dot Press.

According to the survey,

54% of respdents to a bed with speakers designed for csumer Amaz, Google and Apple. This leaves the spreading far the market in the other brands, like Rose, all things, and sounds. 88% of csumer speaker owners have at least e Amaz speaker sides, while 31% have at least e Google model. This indicates that the majority of those who speak to stick to a platform that csumers do not necessarily buy the e thing more than anything else.

58% of csumers surveyed csumer speakers have at least two. 62% of users have a unit for the family room, 41%, and 39% have installed a smart speaker in the bedroom into the kitchen. 12% installed a smart speaker in the bathroom.

I hope you like the News & # 39; Answer Amaz devices make up about 63% of the United States in the Active Speaker Smart "The Appleiphestop. Stay tuned for more updates allow e to see and feel the Comment Secti.

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