All you need to know about Bedtime for iPhone

If you still use your iPhone's alarm clock to wake up in the morning, you'll be surprised at how awesome the alarm clock can be. Just inside the Clock app is a Bedtime tab, which will make use of olde-timey iPhone alarms such as carrying a winding trip alarm clock with you when you're the go. a business trip.

Not ly does Bedtime wake you up with soothing sounds, it also follows your sleep. It reminds you even when it is time to go to bed! Check it.

What is the iOS Bedtime mode?

Bedtime is a tab of the Clock app that ctains everything you need to ensure you have a good sleep. There is an alarm clock, a bedtime reminder and a kind of sleep tracker. Let's take a close look at each e.

Bedtime Settings

  Here is the main bedtime screen. Is not it relaxing? Here is the main screen of Bedtime. Is not it relaxing?

The first time you run Bedtime, you have to answer a few questis to sort things out, but all of these optis can be adjusted directly in Bedtime. main screen. First-time questis ask you when you need to wake up, how much sleep you need, and what days you want to be woken up.

To adjust these settings in the future, simply drag the sliders to the clock. It is a 12-hour circle running from midnight to no. Simply slide the sleep and wake ends of the bedtime curve to adjust the hours. You can enable and disable bedtime, and if you want to change the days when bedtime is active, tap Optis .

  Customize your sleep cycle here Customize your sleep cycle here
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