All I think about the lineup of iPhone in 2018

Apple plans to release the world's newest iPhone in a couple of weeks, rumored that this will be the most desireable mobile phe coming out of Cupertino.

The 2018 iPhone lineup will be more colorful and expensive than ever, as well as the largest iPhone display Apple made so far. Until Apple's big announcement September 12, we are pulsating with all the rumors and have quite a certain idea of ​​what is coming through the pipeline.

The 2018 iPhone lineup will be as follows:

Three new iPhones

IPhe lineup of 2018.
Photo: MobileFun

Apple has debuted 2 new iPhones all the way through iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus until 2014, but this year we have added e more device to the lineup.

Based the initial report, we get iPhone with 3 screen sizes of 5.5 inches, 6.1 inches, 6.5 inches.

Why so many sizes? To appeal to budget-cscious shoppers, Apple is probably making a somewhat cheaper iPhone, which is between the iPhone X size and Plus size iPhone. The 6.1-inch iPhone is the cheapest. Rather than packing the OLED screen like the other two iPhones, Apple is using an LCD display and is analyzing some functis. It is itchy for upgrades, but should make it fascinating to fans who do not want to drop the latest and up to $ 1,000.

New name

iPhone xThe larger e is better.
Photo: Martin Hajek

There are now two names thrown around the Internet for the successor of iPhone X: iPhone XI or iPhone Xs. Both names tell the customer that they are upgraded more than last year's model. However, if Apple tries to stop customers from calling "iPhone EX", it may not be helpful to add "s" at the end.



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