AirPods Pro and Bluetooth latency

As with most Bluetooth devices, audio latency is an issue with AirPods. However, composer and software developer Stephen Coyle found that Apple had significantly reduced it with the new AirPods Pros.

When it comes to AirPods first, a very encouraging trend is happening. They go from 274 ms to 178 ms going from the first to the secd generati, and the AirPods Pro reduce it even more, to 144 ms. While a reducti of 130 ms may not seem like much, the difference in percepti of this makes the AirPods Pro incredibly close to transparency. The clicks the keyboard are close enough to their correspding keys that they seem to be really linked to them, not just the cacophy of blips they had appeared before. Tapt is playable, but ly fair; there is still an additial cognitive load caused by the delay, which, I’m sure, also affects other rhythm-based games, and may disrupt the playability of games that are heavily dependent audio signals. However, it is much better, and it seems that things are going in the right directi.

: AirPods Pro and Bluetooth latency

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