Actively lobbying for Apple's leading industry associati and federal privacy law

California may have found a perfect way for technology giants to support the Federal Privacy Act. Please indicate that alternatives may be a ctradictory turmoil of natial law.

Industry lobbying groups affiliated with Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Samsung, etc. are actively "appealing" federal law claims to the White House. New York Times …

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California has enacted its own laws and has the right to know what kind of information a company collects, who it shares its data with, and who it shares with I gave it.

Today, TopTech companies are in an aggressive situati. "We are part of the process and promising to be a cstructive part of the process," said Dean Garfield, chairman of the high-tech industry lobbying group at the Informati Technology Industry Council, "Said. "The best way is to develop your own blueprint."

Europe has protected its privacy using GDPR (General Data Protecti Regulati), which is the most strgly required protecti of customer and user data. Apple had to take additial measures to further comply. This is wdering why many Americans do not receive the same protecti why Europeans enjoy now.

Apple has extended the privacy standards at the GDPR level to the whole world and states that most other high-tech companies are obscuring guarantees.

However, in the face of dozens of natial law prospects, it creates a strg incentive to simplify things in a single federal law.

The White House is csidering the optis of the problem …



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