A new macOS alert warns Apple users will so end support for the 32-bit applicati

Starting Thursday, Apple's macOS will start displaying alert boxes when a 32-bit applicati is opened, warning users that the operating system will so end to inherited technology.

like the e above will appear in macOS 10.13.4, the latest versi of the Mac operating system that saw the release last mth. The alert appears ce per applicati and serves as a notificati of Apple's pending transiti to 64-bit technology.

By clicking "Learn More," users view a support document detailing the lg process of moving from the 32-bit versi to the most efficient 64-bit versi. As noted by Apple, 64-bit applicatis can access more memory and harness the power of new technologies like metal graphics accelerati.

The transiti began almost 15 years ago with the introducti of the Power Mac G5. PowerPC processors. Since then, the company has worked with developers to optimize their applicatis for 64-bit compatibility.

Apple initially …

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