A hilarious new ad from the iPhone X imagines life as a quiz

Imagine that you are participating in a game show and that the answer to your questi is the password you created for your line banking account.

This is not a complicated form of hacking, it's a new Apple ad that says that Face ID saves us from having to remember passwords.

The announcement exaggerates for the effect, of course, but everye should be familiar with the stress of trying to remember an important password and the feeling of failure if we fail.

Face ID analyzes users to open a repository of passwords for websites, which prevents the user from having to remember them. Of course, Touch ID does the same thing, but Apple says its facial recogniti system is twenty times more secure

iPhone X funny because that's true

The descripti of the latest advertisement, dubbed Memory ] says that "Remembering your password should not be csidered a memory challenge. With Face ID iPhone X, your face is your password. "

It is not known when and where this announcement will appear televisi, if it is, it will probably be a shortened versi, because 1 minute 38 secds is a bit lg for televisi.

Have fun with iPhone X ads

Apple's ads for its smartphe and Face ID are almost always fun. Fly Market shows how easy it would be to shop in the real world if all it took to buy objects, was to look at them. And Unlock imagine the madness that would ensue if our faces could all unlock, not just our iPhone.

It is therefore not surprising that a lot of ads from the iPhone X are ccentrating …

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