A growing number of iPhone users X easily report the cracked camera lens

In recent mths, a growing number of iPhone X users have taken support forums of Apple and Reddit to complain about cracked camera lenses. In additi, the affected users say that Apple will not replace the device under warranty, but will charge a full replacement of the device …

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While & ## 39 it is easy to assume that split camera lenses come through the camera Some users seem to attribute the problem to cold weather, cnecting the crack to a drop in temperature:

Bought the iPhone X just before Christmas, and found a crack the rear window of the camera last night. The phe has been used with coverage all the time and no fall or accident. I went to the Apple Store this morning and I was told to pay $ 549 to get it fixed.

Other users, however, say that their iPhone X camera lens has cracked despite a warmer weather. A user writes:

I've read that some people have this problem in a cold climate, I live in Malaysia and the weather is hot and humid around 32-36 Celsius a day .. and we do not have a problem. do not have an apple shop in Malaysia here, so do not rely authorized centers, but refuse the repair.

Another user:

My X also has a small crack in the camera's glass. The phe has never been abanded, never came out of business – and I live in Hawaii, so not even the cold weather. The phe is two mths old

However, this is not necessarily a new problem. There were questis surrounding the strength of the …

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