A flight accidentally happened in her teen sent a photograph of a fake offense scene to the passenger

This weekend, a flight bus of Hawaii flew over land for 90 minutes, so a mistake in AirDrop caused big cfusi.

Well! Screen cleaner

When at least 15 passengers randomly received the photo this weekend, Hawaiian Airlines flight 23 was a taxi just before taking off from Auckland from Maui. The image appeared to show the crime scene of a dead child. Reported Buzz feedVigilant passengers shared pictures with flight crews, and when the pilots noticed they returned the plane to the gate.

Embarrassingly, the whole situati was caused by an air drop accident by 15-year-old high school student. She was about to share pictures with her mother at a simulated crime scene from her medical biology class (see below). It included a mannequin facing upside down with evidence markers the passenger cfused for the dead child.

It may be difficult to imagine a teenager accidentally sending a picture to many people via AirDrop, but it was cfused about the name of the mother's iPhe appearing AirDrop and it appeared .

Alameda County Satoru. Ray Kelly shared this:

"She was talking to her about her class, her mother probably had a new iPhe," Kelly said. "People noticed a bit of it.


He said the girl was "very embarrassed." "Because I was actually crying, I had to operate the csole a bit, it was a mistake.

After being interrogated, teens and her mother could not make it flight, but it was rebooked the following day. After a 90 minute delay, Flight 23 went to Maui, but what kind of trip was after the pepper spray ctainer exploded halfway!

If you want to recfirm the recepti …



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