5 big revelatis of the surprising appeal of Apple's secd quarter results

Apple put an end to analysts' expectatis this afterno with its historic report the results of the secd quarter of 2018 which saw the highest turnover of the mth of March

Tim Cook and the Apple's chief financial officer Luca Maestri call with investors. Everye was expecting the iPhone X to be a bust, but even Apple was surprised by its success as it still dominates the sales of the iPhone. New products are the horiz while Apple executives were mocking new products:

These are the greatest assets of the call:

The iPhone X is a success

Customers love iPhone X.
Photo: Ste Smith ures

Wall Street has been worrying for mths that the demand for the iPhone X was falling. These fears were totally unfounded. It turns out that the iPhone X is selling so well, even Tim Cook has been surprised.

The iPhone X was the most popular iPhone sold this quarter, even though it was also the most expensive iPhone of all time. This is the first time that it's happening for Apple, and Tim Cook says it's like winning the Super Bowl.

"The iPhone X is a darling product, I could not be more proud" says Tim Cook. Bowl winner who ly wins by a touchdown or two rather than a total blowout. It's always the best in the game.

  Tim Cook meets employees of the Apple Store in China Tim Cook meets employees of the Apple Store in China
Photo: Apple

Analysts predicted that Apple was losing market share in China, but that's not true. The company saw its business increase 21%, the largest gain in 10 quarters. Customers do not fear the higher price of the iPhone X, given that it was the best-selling iPhone in the country in the secd quarter of 2012.

Tim Cook is not worried about a possible trade war with China either. The tariffs tech parts would be a blow to Apple's results, but Cook thinks that everything will be fine.

"I think there are a lot of things that bind countries together," Tim Cook said. "I firmly believe that both countries can both win and grow the cake, that's our goal and I'm optimistic that over time this view will prevail."

The Future Looks Like still better

  apple park Big things are getting ready for Apple Park
Photo: Apple

Tim Cook told investors today that the company is working its most successful line of products of course, it would not say exactly what, but there are many areas in which it could enter.

Virtual reality, augmented reality, automous cars, wearables, a service of TV and a bunch of other projects are rumored to be in the works. "By the time Tim Cook's CEO positi is over, Apple will look like much more than just a smartphe company

Apple Healthcare ?

  Apple Watch Series 3

While everye worries about the future of the iPhone, Apple is aiming for a bigger pie: health care. During today 's call, Tim has given the strgest indicati that Apple is about to make a big push into the health industry.

"It's an area of ​​great interest where we can make a big difference." Tim.

It makes sense that Apple wants to penetrate the healthcare market. are huge: "US Healthcare expenditures rose 4.3 percent in 2016, reaching $ 3.3 trilli or $ 10,348 per pers, "according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. "In proporti to the gross domestic product of the country, health expenditure accounted for 17.9%."

Moreover, Apple really wants to make the world a better place. Preventive health care, as authorized by Apple Watch, is a fair pursuit

Doom and darkness

  Tim cook "width =" 2500 "height =" 1614 Tim has a lot to smile lately. [19659007] Photo: Jim Merithew / Cult of Mac

With all the noise of analysts that the producti of the iPhone X was falling off a cliff, investors were expecting the benefits today is a huge disappointment. It seems inevitable that Apple is going to have a horrible quarter, but that does not seem to be happening in the next quarter. Apple has beaten the csensus of analysts 20 of the last 21 quarters.

Apple is also projecting more growth in the third quarter of 2018. With three new iPhones scheduled for the fourth quarter, the company is expected to experience its biggest year.

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