24 kinds of Prince albums were released Apple Music.

The catalog of Prince's Warner Brothers hit Apple Music earlier last year, but many of his albums were missing. Due to the agreement of Prince's Estate and Sy Legacy Recording, this has been fixed today …

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variety We have reported that 23 albums issued between 1995 and 2010 were issued in the first round. There is also a new compilati album.

This recording, which included popular albums such as "The Gold Experience", "3121", "Rave Un 2 the Joy Fantastic" and a new 37 track compilati called "Prince Anthology 1995-2010" […] Many of these albums are available for streaming and downloading for the first time and over 300 sgs are added to the artist's line imprint catalog.

It is a recording from the secd half of Prince's career that released four albums a year from his label through a e-time transacti with indies and major labels.

The complete list of newly available albums is as follows:

  1. Gold Experience (1995) ("The most beautiful girl in the world" is grayed out, partial album · streaming ly, albums are not downloadable)
  2. Chaos and disability (1996)
  3. Liberati (1996)
  4. Crystal Ball (1998)
  5. The truth (1998)
  6. Rave Un 2 Joy Fantastic (1999)
  7. Rave In 2 The Joy Fantastic (2001)
  8. Rainbow Children (2001)
  9. e Nite Ale … (2002)
  10. e Nite Ale … Live! (2002)
  11. e Nite Ale … Live – The Aftershow: It is not over (Late with Prince & The NPG) (2002)
  12. Xpectati (2003)
  13. news. (2003)
  14. C Note (2004)
  15. Music Studies (2004)
  16. Chocolate invasi (NPG Music Club's Tracks: Volume 1) (2004)
  17. The Slaughterhouse (Tracking of NPG Music Club: Volume 2) (2004)
  18. 3121 (2006)
  19. Planet Earth (2007)
  20. indigo…



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