20 HomePod tips you need to know

The HomePod takes a lot of criticism for being the smartest speaker, but it can do more than you think. In today 's video, I will show you 20 HomePod stuff you need to know.

(Just a little head-to-head: I'll say "Hey Siri" several times in this video.)

20 HomePod Tips

You probably already love the way your HomePod sounds. You will love the Apple Smart Speaker even more if you take full advantage of its many capabilities. These HomePod tips should help.

1. Ask Siri questis about the sg being played

HomePod is primarily designed to listen to music. That's why it's also good to give you information about what you're currently listening to.

You can ask Siri who wrote the sg, who plays a certain instrument, the year of release of the sg and more.

The Apple database does not ctain all the information for each sg, but it's still impressive what Siri can produce. (Moreover, these facts may help to put an end to the arguments.)

2. Protect …

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