Facebook needs two elements for several page managers

As part of improving transparency, Facebook is deploying a new authentication process to see who is running Pages. Facebook has announced a new process on Facebook business blog …

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This process is first deployed in a page with a large follow-up in the United States. Administrators of such pages need to check the location of major countries and add two-factor authentication to their accounts.

Facebook added that these added security measures goals are "using forged accounts" to manage the page "

Now, users managing these pages are asked to complete the approval process to continue posting, making it difficult to manage pages with bogus accounts or compromised accounts.

Authentication requires users managing these pages to use two-factor authentication to protect their accounts and to verify the location of major countries.

Not all page administrators need to perform these authentication procedures first. However, if Facebook needs to send notification to the top of the newsfeed and start processing, it may take several minutes to complete.

Facebook says that administrators who have not completed the necessary verification can not contribute to their own page.

If the page administrator needs approval, it will receive a notification at the top of the newsfeed and start the process. This will take a few minutes to complete. If you do not complete the process, people can not contribute to their own page. Execution will be carried out immediately this month.

In addition to the new security layer for page managers, end users see more information about who is running large pages and make it clearer.

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