Does blue light from smartphones lead to blindness?

Does blue light from smartphones cause blindness? Short answer: No. Headlines that claim that the blue light from our smartphones has been around. As is usually the case with the media when it comes to science, there is always a larger context (or it is just plain BS).

The American Academy of Ophthalmology recently described it: No, Blue Light from Your Smartphone Is You Blinds You. That was in response to a study that was published this summer and it turned out that blue light, plus a chemical that occurs naturally in certain eye cells, can damage the cells. The catch: researchers have not used real cells from our eyes because our eyes have a defense against exactly this kind of damage. (They studied a question that had nothing to do with the health of the eye, the roadside has more to do with the purpose and meaning of the experiment.)

: Does blue light from smartphones lead to blindness?

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