DNA Encryption Could Someday be a Requirement

Adam Rutherford writes about the hidden price of DNA ancestor tests like 23andMe. In order to protect our genetic code, DNA encryption may become a reality someday. A guardian).

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DNA collection

23andMe's business provides genealogy and health related services. However, like virtually any company, it is not doing it for altruism reasons. Its purpose is to accumulate the world's largest biological database.

Personalized medication and early screening of diseases sound like a fantastic future. However, there are also aspects to worry about. For the Terms of Service a company like 23andMe owns your DNA. As with certain other companies, it makes you a product.

Image of DNA for DNA encryption

At least the company is obvious about this. It gives customers the option of not abandoning the genome for commercial benefit. However, out of 5 million customers, 4 million people did not opt ​​out.

DNA encryption

A possible solution is DNA encryption. last year Wired I am writing about this technology and I am writing about how research is already done. A man named Gill Bejerano leads the Stanford Developmental Biology Institute. He examines the genetic root of human diseases.

Published articles ScienceHe uses the encryption "genomic cloaking" method. By doing this he will conduct his genome experiment and completely conceal 97% of each person's genetic data.

There are bugs, as there is a bug in the program. Discovering disease-causing genetic traits is very similar to finding defects in computer code. You must compare with code that does not work. However, genetic data is much more sensitive, people are concerned that they may be used by insurance companies or stolen by hackers. If the patient has an encryption key …

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