Crime blotter: torches used to steal iPhones and a carjacker fought with an iPad

The Fairview Apple Store in Toronto

The last of an opportunity AppleInsider series, looking at the world of Apple-related crime.

Apple sued after attempted theft from the Apple Store

Last month, an Ontario family filed a lawsuit against Apple after their son was injured in an attempted retail theft at a Toronto Apple Store in 2017.

according to The Toronto Star, the lawsuit alleges that “knew or should have been aware of the high number of thefts from the Apple Store before this incident”, in which the 7-year-old boy was deceived by a thief who attempted to steal a laptop computer.

The accused thief, who was arrested at the time, is also named in the trial.

Children use iPad to fight car hijacker

An older boy, 10, hit a car jacker over the head with his iPad in Chicago last month. The boy’s 16-year-old sister Imama then retained the carjacker and called 911.

There were then three children in the car. according to WGN, the incident took place outside a Domino’s Pizza restaurant, when the children’s father left the children in the car while he picked up their order.

The potential thief jumped into the driver’s seat of the car and left. “And it starts to roll very fast, coming in like a zigzag pattern,” Imama told reporters. “And he said,” Get out or I’ll shoot you. “”

She woke up her brother who pretended to get out of the car but then hit the driver with the iPad.

“My phone was dead, so I couldn’t call 911,” said Imama. “I see my father’s phone in the passenger seat, so I try to strangle the guy from behind because I was right behind him.”

The driver abandoned the car and joined what are believed to be accomplices who were driving a stolen Toyota Camry. This car was then recovered by the police with five people inside. One fled, but the other four were arrested.

Illinois woman falls in love with gift card

A woman in a Chicago suburb last month was the victim of a scam in which she received a phone call allegedly from Apple.

according to The Chicago Tribune, the woman received a call from a man claiming to be an Apple technician, who said that his computer had been hacked and that in order to repair it, she had to buy gift cards and provide the caller with access codes .

Nor was it the case with a ten dollar iTunes card. She ultimately paid the scammer over $ 5,500.

Torch used in the flight of iPhone, iPad

In the latest of what appears to be a new trend in British thefts, thieves from Rubery, England used a blowtorch to melt the locks.

At the end of December, they applied this technique to access a private residence and have managed, so far at least, to get away with an iPhone, an iPad and the owner’s car.

Walmart distribution center worker arrested in Apple theft

A Florida man who works at a Walmart distribution center was arrested last month after police said he had stolen 20 iPhones from the establishment.

according to TC Palm, on the several times he stole in the distribution …

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