Crime blotter: arrests in California, a monster attack and major thefts of new iPhones

A father goes after his ex-wife in court after taking the iPhone from their daughter, Find My iPhone finds a stolen iPad and other news from the world of Apple related crime.

The last in every now and then AppleInsider series, on the latest in Apple crime.

Charges against 17 in California Apple Store thefts

The Attorney General of California has filed charges for conspiracy to commit wholesale theft against 17 people in Apple Store thefts in the state that took place throughout the year. Seven people were arrested, with warrants issued for the other nine, in the thefts that cost the stores more than $ 1 million in lost goods.

The investigation was conducted by the San Luis Obispo Police Department and the Oakland Police Department, along with the State Department of Justice eCrime Unit and 19 different provinces.

Two wanted for theft of the Apple Store in Long Island

On the other side of the most recent Apple Store thefts, two men are wanted to pick up stuff from an Apple Store in Huntington Station, NY. But instead of iPhones or iPads, those thieves are accused of taking four sets of Beats headphones, two Apple Pencils and two Magic Mouse devices, lap reported.

Monster fires COO, claims death threats

Monster Products, the cable and headphone manufacturer who was the original production partner for Beats headphones, has been working with Apple since 2015 in a lot of controversial business due to the earlier break between Beats and Monster. Now the company has had another fight. Monster announced on September 25 that it has removed its chief operating officer, Fereidoun "Fred" Khalilian, and has also been given a ban on the street.

During a press conference at the New York tech show CE Week in June, founder and CEO Noel Lee (known as the "Head Monster") appeared with Khalilian to announce a cryptocurrency game called "Monster Money" that the long private -held hero would represent first time that the company accepts money from the outside in its 40-year jubilee.

But apparently something has gone wrong, as Monster now claims that Khalilian has tried a hostile takeover of the company and that the ban on the street and the police report were necessary "for the protection of many Monster employees against threats of mutilation, death and threats to the family . "

Monster's statement, a rarity for business press releases, continues to provide more than a dozen links to news and documents describing Khalilian's earlier alleged misdeeds, which allegedly contain various scams and multiple assault charges stemming from a period of time night club in Miami with Paris Hilton. In addition, due to an FTC scheme in 2011, Khalilian is permanently banned from the telemarketing sector.

Cost rejected against mother who took the iPhone from the daughter

A routine parental conflict where a mother punished her daughter by taking away her iPhone became a court case this month, when the ex-husband of the woman claimed that the device was his. According to WOODEN TV, the former husband claimed he owned the iPhone, and that his ex had committed a crime by taking it away.

However, the case was rejected after prosecutors had established that the daughter was in fact the rightful owner of the telephone.

Chilean family in Miami has stolen 18 iPhones

A Chilean family visiting Miami to get iPhones had stolen 18 XS Max models – worth about $ 18,000 – from their rental car last week. According to the Miami Herald, the family was planning to bring the phones back to Chile and "distribute them to relatives and friends." But the car was broken while they were visiting a coffee shop.

"Imagine you buy a newly released iPhone and let it steal, these people bought 18, stopped for a cup of coffee, left the phones in the car and a moment later they were all stolen," police spokesman Ernesto Rodriguez from Miami Beach . said on Twitter, attach video of a TV news report about the theft.

55 iPhones taken in Michigan

In another bulk theft of 2018 iPhone models, 55 iPhones were stolen from an SUV in a shopping mall in Troy, Michigan. Click on Detroit, a man had spent $ 60,000 to buy 55 new iPhones with the intention of reselling them.

But while he was elsewhere in the mall, someone broke the car window and took the merchandise.

iPhone stolen from government building in Michigan

A 56-year-old man had his iPhone steal at the desk of the ordinance at the town hall in Dearborn Heights, Mich. Press and guideThe man stepped off the counter for a moment and when he came back the iPhone had disappeared.

After the owner called the phone, a man replied and "allegedly swearing bad news before hanging up."

Teen admits that he has stolen iPhones from Staten Island Apple Store

A teenager goes into jail after admission that six days ago, after Christmas, he had stolen Christmas with six iPhones – worth $ 4,400 – from an Apple Store on Staten Island. According to SI Live, the now 18-year-old pleads guilty to major third-degree civil-law, and will be sentenced next month to a year in prison.

Guard arrested for taking iPhones

In another theft of a government building, a guard of the Palm Beach County Board in West Palm Beach, Florida, was arrested for stealing two iPhones, one in a case that also included $ 160 in cash, a driver's license and two debit cards.

According to My Palm Beach , the guard was caught on a security video that gave away the permit and the cards, although he told deputies that he had "gone upstairs to get a pair of pants out of the break."

Find My iPhone detects stolen iPad

A nurse assistant received a probation period of two years after he found an iPad stolen from a patient in the living facility where he worked. According to KSL, a Find My iPhone not only discovered that the iPad was located in the area where the assistant lived, but that the device was in charge of the assistant's own first name. He pleaded guilty to theft after he was previously accused of exploiting a vulnerable adult.

23 iPhones from the ATT store

A total of 23 iPhones, valued at more than $ 20,000, were stolen in a single ATT store in Ohio over a three-week period, the Dayton Daily News reported. An employee is suspected of being the culprit.

iPad taken out of stroller at a wedding

A woman's iPad was stolen from the lower component of a baby stroller, while the baby's mother attended a wedding. According to the Bothel Reporter, the case is closed because "there were no security cameras that were observing the stroller at the time of the theft and no other useful information could be found."

Tracking device captures woman who has caught the iPhone

An Ohio woman was caught taking an iPhone from a Walmart area because of a GPS tracker on the device's box. According to, the police signaled and then confronted the woman at a gas station. The woman claimed that the device had accidentally fallen into her bag and that she had just discovered it was there and was planning to bring it back. & # 39;

Surveillance video contradicted her.

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