Comment: Fortnite does not appear on Apple TV, but this is a let down of the latest tvOS game

Earlier in the day spelink developers seemed to find the Fortnite code and thought that hit games would soon head to Apple TV. Epic Games then cancels these wishes and says that references to tvOS code are the result of "Unreal Engine general support".

Fortnite may not come to tvOS anytime soon, but today's excitement highlights the possibility of games on tvOS …

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When Apple announced Apple TV with tvOS in 2015, it advertised support for games as one of the more important upgrades than the traditional Apple TV model. However since then, the game was struggling to gain traction with tvOS, and no sign of improvement was seen.

Originally, Apple himself could be blamed on the grounds of lack of enthusiasm for developers surrounding tvOS games. At the time, the company called for compatibility with Siri Remote which includes all games for Apple TV. This was a requirement that developers overly simplify Apple TV game products.

A year later, at WWDC 2016, Apple reversed its attitude, Apple TV developers no longer need to support Siri Remote, and instead "can demand" to use MFi game controller " . There is no need to deal with the simpler Siri Remote.

Despite changes in Apple's mind, the game on Apple TV is not yet expected to be three years after the introduction of the tvOS App Store. Furthermore, the lack of interest in tvOS games is in the revitalization of the game market, especially in the casual end of things.

With the advent of Apple TV and tvOS, Apple got the opportunity to fill up the space Nintendo left in the game industry. King of the protagonists of Nintendo, casual games, had left …

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