Clearing misinformation about that Facebook phone number Ad Thing

What I do the & # 39; ad portion for Facebook phone numbers & # 39; name it, has been a lot in the news. Facebook has confirmed that it uses your two-factor authentication telephone number for advertising purposes. But let's go through the clickbait headlines.

One of the many ways in which ads get to Facebook and Instagram before your eyes is that the giant for social networks can upload an advertiser a list of phone numbers or email addresses that it has in the file; it then places an ad for accounts that are linked to that contact information.

Facebook is not Distribute your phone number to advertisers. What happens is like an advertiser aly has a phone number, they can go to Facebook and say "Please give an ad to the profile with this phone number." The only difference now is that Facebook uses your two-factor authentication number for this, even if you have not put your phone number elsewhere in your profile. Still.

: Clearing misinformation about that Facebook phone number Ad Thing

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